Federation is synonymous with taking elements from pop culture. Be it in the past or present - through music art, movies etc. and mixing it with a little bit of irony...adding our personality to it. We take things that are clean and mess with them - a bit of polish with a bit of hand drawn - juxtaposing clean with raw and gritty...then adding our own sense of humor. Fabrication and quaility is is what we are all about...it's about the details. We search out that perfect combo, often mixing different fabrics together to push out the envelope a bit, and in a way challenging the conventional way it was done and having a bit of fun with it. Always deliberate and always a conscious thought-out process Taking all of this and combining it with a street fashion twist to create pieces to tell that story...this is Federation.

Store No: 402
Phone: 09 636 9500


Federation, Minti